Read Ruler is no longer maintained or supported. It will not be accessible after May 1st, 2023.
Read Ruler


What is Read Ruler?

Read Ruler lists your articles saved in Pocket by reading time and can also automatically add reading time tags to each article on Pocket.

What is Pocket?

Pocket allows you to save something to view later.

Do I need to give Read Ruler my Pocket username and password?

No. Read Ruler connects to Pocket via OAuth so you do not need to share your username and password with it. You can connect Read Ruler to Pocket on the connect page.

Why are some of my Pocket articles missing in Read Ruler?

There are three reasons why some of your Pocket articles may not be displaying in Read Ruler:

  • Read Ruler only lists articles and not images or videos from Pocket.
  • Read Ruler only lists your 1,000 most recent articles from Pocket.
  • Read Ruler updates your list of Pocket articles every 30 minutes so it may not have the latest articles yet.
How is the reading time calculated?

The average reading speed of 350 words per minute is used as the default. However, you can adjust this to your personal reading speed in your settings for Read Ruler.

Can Read Ruler automatically add tags for reading time on Pocket?

Yes, just enable the 'Add reading time tags on Pocket' setting in your settings for Read Ruler. With this enabled whenever Read Ruler updates your list of Pocket articles it will automatically add a tag for reading time to each article.

Note that you need to open Read Ruler in your browser for it to update your list of Pocket articles.
How do I remove my Pocket account information from Read Ruler?

Your Pocket account information can be removed from Read Ruler on the disconnect page.

Who made Read Ruler?

Read Ruler is made by Chris Pederick. Chris is a web developer originally from London, England, but now living in San Francisco, California. He is a Director of Engineering at Bleacher Report. He is also known for his browser extensions—Web Developer and User Agent Switcher—which he writes in his spare time and distributes for free.

What if my question is not answered here?

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